Who We Are

Institute for Governance, Policies & Politics (IGPP) is a think tank initiative of Vivek Manthana Foundation (VMF) dedicated to public policy research and analysis. IGPP plays a critical role in the governance and policy arena at the local and national level. It has been operating independently and it is committed to providing public policy research, analysis and advice. The institute intends to develop initiatives to help government understand various issues and challenges and make informed choices for better policy and governance as IGPP is envisaged as a research and policy-focused institution. It engages with various stakeholders like academicians, civil society, government, industry and international development agencies to pursue its objective of high-quality interdisciplinary research on different issues of governance and public policy. The prime goal of the institute is to contribute toward effective policy design, implementation and governance mechanisms with respect to focus areas on specific issues.

Our Focus Areas


Health and Lifestyle in Modern Society

This focus area revolves around the modern health and lifestyle of society. The Institute aims to make the public aware and responsible.


Social Dimensions of Digital Ecosystems

In the area of Social Dimensions of Digital Ecosystems, the institute is working on the areas related to the responsible use of digital space i.e appropriate Internet behaviour.


Energy, Environment and Climate change

In the area of energy, environment and climate change, the institute work with the Centre for Energy, Environment and Resources (CEER). Keeping with IGPP’s mission.


Media, Politics and Society

This division of the IGPP brings together economists, political scientists, sociologists and media professionals for academically rigorous, policy-relevant research to enhance our understanding of the social.


Livelihood and Natural Resources

The importance of effective management of natural resources like Land, Water, Vegetation and Livestock for Sustainable Crop Production and Livelihoods of the rural people needs no emphasis.


Research Papers