Learning R

We are aware of the importance of data science and statistics for the career opportunities in today’s set ups. Both for academic and corporate world, advance skills in data sciences have become an imperative. Our team of experienced statisticians and coders would diligently train students and encourage them to explore newer depths in this field.

Right Now we are offering courses on intermediate level of data science, in R and Stata. Enrolments are still open. We invite interested researchers and aspiring data professionals to sign in for our courses.

We have successfully completed two sessions of training on data science.

Course Outline
1 Basic
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Download and Install
1.3 Data Types
1.4 Matrix
1.5 Data Frame
1.6 List
1.8 Functions
1.9 Create data set
1.10 Import datasets
2 Data Analysis 1
2.1 Scatter Plot in R using ggplot2
2.2 How to make Boxplot in R
2.3 Bar Chart and Histogram in R
2.4 T Test in R: One Sample and Paired
2.5 R ANOVA : One way and Two way
3 Data Analysis 2
3.1 IF, ELSE, ELSE IF Statement in R
3.2 For Loop in R with Examples for List and Matrix
3.3 While Loop in R with Example
3.4 apply(), lapply(), sapply(), tapply() Function in R with Examples
3.5 Missing Values
3.6 Correlation
3.7 R Aggregate Function: Summarise and Group_by() Example
3.8 R Select(), Filter(), Arrange(), Pipeline with Example
4 Data Analysis 3
4.1 R Simple, Multiple Linear and Stepwise Regression [with Example]
4.2 Decision Tree in R with Example
4.3 R Random Forest with Example
4.4 Generalized Linear Model (GLM) in R with Example
5 Data Analysis 4
5.1 Strings
5.2 Date
5.3 Factors
5.4 Frequency Distribution and Cross Tabs
“I am a research scholar, and learning to work with data is essential to enhance my skill set. The course is quite interactive and helps us learning R in a comprehensive manner. My overall experience was satisfactory.”
Ankur Goswami
“I am a foreign language expert. since I work in corporate, so in order to enhance my skill sets, I joined this course. The sessions were very interactive and comprehensive. It not only helped to learn the language “R” but also helped me in understanding the basic concepts of Stats. It is been a pleasure to be in that short-term course, especially I would like to appreciate your effort to make it so easy.”
Abhishek Kumar
“The course was helpful for me. The limited size of the batch made the interactions lively and fruitful. I had some prior experience with Stata and SPSS. So, when I tried my hands-on R on my own, after a few commands I used to switch to Stata or SPSS as they were my comfort zones. I discussed this problem with the instructor. He took care of this and kept on referring to similar situations and commands in Stata.”