Patterns of Internet Usage Among Kids-Parental Perspective

Institute for Governance, Policies & Politics (IGPP) in collaboration with Social Media Matters

The phenomenal expansion in the use of Information and Communication Technologies has ushered a plethora of changes in our daily lives. A never-increasing number of people having personal computers, laptops, or android phones and easy access to the internet has reshaped the digital lives of millions of people.  Among other technological innovations, internet use is spre ading rapidly into daily life. Since the internet has entered into our daily lives, all over the world millions of people started using the internet for multiple purposes. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown further broadened everyday dependence on the internet. In a post-covid world where even primary school  children  with  all  other  young  kids  are  compelled  to  use  the internet and online classes. Parents’ challenge of dealing with the digital world, devices, and children has increased multi-fold and its dimensions are becoming endless. Digital parenting has been very difficult due to the expansion of technology. Parents are encountering several challenges to socialise their children in this hyperactive digital world. Digital addiction has taken the shape of an epidemic in young kids. In keeping with our past studies, in this study, we have attempted to gauge the synchrony among the pattern of the parents and their children.